Saturday, 21 March 2015

birds, death, & geometry

This was the title I gave a dream from many years ago, and it still sums up my preoccupation.

Birds symbolise the spiritual heights, the architecture of super-consciousness.

Death the depths, the archaeology of sub-consciousness.

And geometry the solid pavements and temples in the middle ground, consciousness.

When I came up with the term "psychosystemics" some years ago, I vowed to write an essay or article illustrating these ideas, which I will now I have the time and the will to do.

Psyche-systemics : the ghost in the machine, the machinery of the ghost, and the interface of the one with the other.

Ideas I want to apply to organisational development and its impact on the individual. What compromises we make in order to fit in to the culture, and how we can change it from within.

Uncomfortable truths and realisations, but with awareness some transformation may be possible...

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