Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Inside A Glass Asylum : stories

I put in my book proposal a few days ago, it's kind of in between fiction and memoir. You know how a good story grows arms and legs, and metamorphoses into something larger than life? Well my "Everyday Stories of Borderline Folk" is a bit like that.

It's set in immigration at Heathrow, in the late '80s when the system crashed, not for the first time but certainly for the worst time.

Thus the borderline folk are physically stationed on that boundary between Britain and the rest of the world, but psychologically on the faultline between neurotic and psychotic. Some of them. Or maybe just me! 

It's a series of Unquaint Customs, Mostly and has chapters in it called A Necro Speaks, and The Head in the Bag Routine.  Quite a grisly humour, but hopefully brilliantly funny all the same. Read it in the pub or on the tube, that's where I picture myself telling the stories. I think I have to develop things a lot more before the agent finds it unputdownable. Hopefully it's not still at the unpickupable stage, but who knows?!

We'll see, it's a start.

I followed the template for proposal-building in How To Get Published And Make A Lot of Money, the author of which I can't immediately remember. It seemed pretty comprehensive and practical, so I'm going to stick to that format even if on this occasion I'm unsuccessful.

Hopefully it won't be a journey ...

...from the slushpile into the blue vortex of oblivion !!!!!

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